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Civil Engineering Formulas

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Ensino Livros
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"Civil Engineering" is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of Civil systems.

"Civil Engineering Formulas" has some set of solved Civil Engineering equations step-by-step. It has the following 3 main Category equations solved,

1. Surveying Calculation

(a). Earthwork Cross Section Volume
(b). Spiral Curve Deflection Angle
(c). Spiral Curve tangent Distance
(d). Elevation Point of Vertical Curve
(e). Rate of change of grade on Roadways
(f). Vertical Curve Offset Distance
(g). Meeting Room Size Calculator
(h). Feet (ft) and Inches (in) Arithmetic Calculator

2. Concrete Calculation

(a). Block wall
(b). Concrete volume
(c). Footing pour
(d). Column Fill
(e). Maximum Floor Live Load Capacity Calculator
(f). Concrete Footer Volume
(g). Concrete Slab Volume
(h). Concrete Slab Maximum Wall Load Calculator
(i). Concrete Slab Maximum Length Calculator

3. Cantilever beam slope and deflection

(a). Cantilever beam with load at any point
(b). Cantilever beam with load at free end
(c). Cantilever beam with uniform load
(d). Cantilever beam with couple moment
(e). Cantilever beam with distributed load
(f). Cantilever Beam